Our Developers’ Favorite Features in ProPresenter 7

Our Developers have been working hard at ProPresenter 7. So who better than them to highlight some of the best features! With ProPresenter 7 we wanted to create the most feature-rich, and user-friendly production & presentation software possible. With the addition of our new maintenance model, we are able to release updates faster than ever. While these are our developers’ current favorite features, we also have many more planned for the future! Let’s dive in.

From our Developers

Jeff M.
Multi-screen, Audience Looks, & Alt-Templates:
Thinking about ProPresenter 7 as a whole, my favorite feature would have to be a little mixture of the multi-screen, audience looks, and alt-template features all working together. At my church, our setup is pretty unique because we want to have a big production feel but on a small budget with not so many volunteers. With those features I mentioned, we can now run lyrics into our live stream and have it formatted based on the alt template, all from one ProPresenter machine and one operator. What used to be a difficult and sometimes unreliable setup with our resources is now going to be easier and allow us to serve our viewers online in a better way.  

Keahi E.
Screen Configuration:
With redesigned Screen Configuration, it’s now incredibly straightforward to configure ProPresenter for any screen setup. The new Screen Configuration preferences allow you to choose which outputs you want to use, including screens and SDI, as well as network outputs like NDI and Syphon. And when using multiple screens at once, customizing what gets displayed on an individual screen is simple thanks to the new Audience Looks feature.

Philip S.
Stage Editor:
One of my new favorite features about ProPresenter 7 is the new stage editor! The ability to fully customize layouts and their contents will be a great benefit to those who are viewing stage screens. Screen previews are another aspect of stage layouts which I am particularly excited about! Now, those on stage will be able to see exactly what is showing on the main screens right behind them and will greatly improve their confidence.

Gage D.
Song Editor:
My favorite feature has to be the editor. There have been times where I’ll go in there just to play around with it. The creative possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what people come up within their shows, I think we’re going to see some amazing things.

Pat L.
Media Inspector:
The new Media Inspector is one of my favorite features of ProPresenter 7 as it allows users to customize their media content. They can mix effects, audio mapping, cropping, rotate, set duration, set the thumbnail and many more. It makes me excited thinking about how our users will utilize these functionalities.

Jeff B.
Multi-screen & SDI/NDI
Having the ability to natively output AND input SDI/NDI is going to be a game-changer. I love the idea of being able to use SDI to send 2 different stage screens their signal while using NDI to input a video source from another computer.

UI Layout
I love that ProPresenter allows separation of the content from the presentation. Users create text content once and ProPresenter adds the magic of layers that brings it to life on what hardware is available at the site of presentation. A simple presentation with black and white text on a laptop, for example, can be made to look more vibrant and animated on stage that has a high res projector. Just with a single click on one of the easy to access videos in Media bin. No need to modify the presentation itself. ProPresenter 7 makes creating and displaying content in a wide range of presentation settings an easy and enjoyable experience!

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