4 Proven Ways That Churches Can Engage Their Community On Social Media

Social media can help your church accomplish many of its goals, from increasing attendance to engaging members between Sundays. You may be wondering where to begin. Here are a few simple methods for your church to try on your social pages.

1. Engage Your Audience

One of the most rewarding things that you can do on your church’s social pages is engaging with others. Try posting images that spark conversation, and be sure to respond to the comments. Your audience will love the interaction and will continue to come back for more. This also helps to boost your posts into the timelines of new people as conversation takes place.

2. Photos, Photos, Photos

Your community will love seeing real photos of your services, volunteers, and events. These posts will generate a lot of engagement because people love to see what is actually happening in your ministry. It gives outsiders an idea of what your church is all about before they ever show up on a Sunday. Not only will this keep your social pages active, but people will recognize that you are a thriving church.

3. Share Stories

Sharing stories is a powerful tool on social media for a few reasons. Many people will be inspired by what Jesus is doing through your church and will want to get involved. Others will learn that there are people just like them and that they are not alone. This could be a story of someone deciding to be baptized, a short testimony of how a member came to Christ, or other praise reports that come in. Shorten these stories to small snippets, and include a photo of the person when possible.

4. Encourage Others

The church isn’t limited to communicating just on Sunday mornings anymore. Social media gives us the ability to continue speaking life and sharing the Gospel 24/7. Our timelines are often filled with so much hate and negative posts. Instead, you can use your online pages to encourage and inspire. Images that include a quote from Sunday’s message or an inspirational verse work great. Plus, they are fun to share!

Social graphics, whether quotes or prompts for engagement, can make a major impact on your online pages. To see more inspiring examples like this, you can view 1000+ social graphics by Church Motion Graphics at https://shop.churchmotiongraphics.com/social.”

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