20 Worship Songs for Easter 2020

With Easter less than two months away, don’t let it catch you off guard! This year Easter falls on April 12th. You have time to plan, so why not get ahead of the game? We’ve collected some of the latest and greatest worship songs for you to consider using during your Easter services.

Make sure to let us know in the comments what songs you are planning to use for your set this year!

The list below is ordered for the most part from faster and more energetic to slower and more powerful. We hope this takes some of the burdens off of you this year. 🙂

The Songs

1. Drenched In Love //
Bethel & Daniel Bashta

3. Open The Heavens // Gateway Worship

5. Beautiful Day //
Jesus Culture

7. Tremble //
Mosaic MSC

9. Raise A Hallelujah //
Bethel Music

11. Deliverance //
Gateway Worship

13. Worthy //
Elevation Worship

15. How Great A King //
Bethel Music

17. It Is Finished //

19. Living Hope //
Bethel Music

2. Then He Rose // Elevation Worship

4. Heaven Fall //
The Belonging Co.

6. Good Grace //
Hillsong UNITED

8. Yes I Will //
Vertical Worship

10. Christ Is Risen //
Bethel Music

12. Another In The Fire //
Hillsong UNITED

14. Greater Than //
Gateway Worship

16. There’s Nothing That //

18. Hosanna //
The Belonging Co.

20. King Of Kings //
Hillsong Worship

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What Is Your Easter Set?

Hopefully our list gave you some new ideas or reminded you of some great songs. So, what songs will you be using this year for Easter? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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