10 Best Free Christmas Fonts for ProPresenter

Free Christmas Fonts can end up being cheesy. If you do a search online you’ll find fonts that range from quality and expensive to free and cheesy. We wanted to provide you with a list of the top fonts this Christmas season without sacrificing on quality. Whether you need the right font for your event or sermon title or need a solid and easy to read font for lyrics, we’ve got you covered!

Below you will find a list of fonts from various providers. These fonts are made up of serif, sans serif, and handwritten. This list isn’t exhaustive, there are plenty of great choices out there. What this list aims to do is give you an idea of direction for the season. We hope you enjoy!

1. Peace

Peace Sans is the perfect go-to all-around font for the season! Designed to be free just as peace should be, you get a bold and kind font all in one. Use this font for any of your day to day needs as well as for your lyrics design. Peace is your perfect ProPresenter lyric font.
*Free for personal and commercial use.*

2. Northgate

Northgate captures the emotion of creativity mixed with style. Designed as a handwritten font, it has a natural characteristic to it that comes off as fresh and engaging while keeping a sense of tradition. This is the perfect Christmas branding font for your church or business.
*Free for personal use.*

3. Grahamo Signature

Grahamo Signature is a type of modern signature that is carefully crafted to give the impression of natural handwriting, offers the character of each letter so that it can be used in various design fields. Perfect for that delicate and transcending title graphic.
*Free for personal use.*

4. Mistrain

Mistrain is a modern hand lettering typeface, elegant and classy for your every project even after the Christmas season! Perfect for general branding, and any time a bold title is needed. Mistrain could be your next series title font.
*Free for personal use.*

5. Maldives

Maldives is a handwritten script font, born from natural handwriting that will be very suitable for various needs. Use this for your church or business’ apparel, invitations, books tittle, stationery design, quotes, branding, logos, and more. The perfect all-around Christmas font for your graphics needs.
*Free for personal use.*

6. Highnorth

Highnorth is a handmade marker font. It was made to have a small retro and grunge feel with a creative casual style. This font is best used for product packaging, every handmade product, invitations cards, etc. It’s perfect for your series graphics design or title slides.
*Free for personal use.*

7. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is a sans serif font family. It has grown in popularity and become something like the “Helvetica of the free fonts”. As a modern-day classic, Bebas Neue would be the perfect fit for your presentation text and lyrics.
*Free for personal and commercial use.*

8. Light Brighter

Light Brighter is a natural hand-brushed font, this font is perfect for your logo, invitation, stationery, social media posts, advertisements, product designs, special events or anything. This font would work well as a sermon series title or Christmas graphic.
*Free for personal use.*

9. Winter Snow

Winter Snow is your go-to merry and bright font for the season! Winter Snow is the New Year’s font. Inspired by the holiday mood and created for your future wonderful works. Well suited for headlines, short texts, postcards, calendars, magazines, books, and logos. This is perfect for your social graphics and stylized lyrics.
*Free for personal use.*

10. Nickainley

Nickainley rounds out the list as a solid choice. Nickainley is a monoline script handwriting font with a touch of classic and vintage in uppercase, lowercase characters, numeral, and punctuation. It can be used for various purposes such as logos, badges, church invitations, t-shirts, letterheads, signage, labels, news, posters, etc. For Christmas, this would work great for a title slide or graphic.
*Free for personal and commercial use.*

*Please note that if a font is free for personal use only, that means you are not able to redistribute it on any merchandise you are making a profit off of. At that point, you would need a commercial license.*

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