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The downloads below are for both registered and demo users. The full version operates in “Demo” mode until it is registered. It is fully functional – there are no limitations on time or features and no data will be lost upon registering it so you can actually set up and test an entire event before buying. The only hindrance is a watermark which appears on the output screen. This watermark will be removed when the software is registered.

Pro6 for Mac

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Pro6 for Windows

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After you've installed and demoed it, use with an audience for two weeks…

The Download above is the full version of ProPresenter that runs in Demo mode until registered, which means it has a watermark on the output window. Nothing else is limited, so you may test and learn using it as long as you like and your work will be saved.

You are limited to one trial per organization that will last for two weeks from the time you request it below. When you're ready to try it with a live audience, please complete this form.

(this name will be prominently displayed in the title bar of the application and cannot be changed as it's keyed into the trial code we send you)
By checking this box, you agree to be added to our mailing list for future contact. This information is NEVER shared with any outside organization. It's used internally for product news, marketing, and updates only. This option must be checked in order to receive the two-week trial offer.

* Trial starts immediately upon completion of this form.

Version History… (click here to download previous versions of ProPresenter)

Version History Description for Mac
ProPresenter 6 (Mac) - Compatible up to macOS 10.14
ProPresenter6 6.4 build 16245 | macOS 10.12 | Last update: Apr 22, 2019
ProPresenter6 6.3.9 build 16229 | macOS 10.12 | Last update: Jan 22, 2019
ProPresenter6 6.3.8 build 16219 | macOS 10.12 | Last update: Nov 05, 2018
ProPresenter6 6.3.7 build 16208 | macOS 10.12 | Last update: Oct 16, 2018
ProPresenter6 6.3.6 build 16192 | macOS 10.12 | Last update: Sep 26, 2018
ProPresenter6 6.3.5 build 16156 | macOS 10.9 | Last update: Jul 11, 2018
ProPresenter6 6.3.4 build 16151 | macOS 10.9 | Last update: Apr 17, 2018
ProPresenter6 6.3.3 build 16143 | macOS 10.9 | Last update: Mar 01, 2018
ProPresenter 5 (Mac) - Compatible up to macOS 10.10
ProPresenter5 5.3.3 build 13557 Last update: May 08, 2015
Version History Description for Windows
ProPresenter 6 (Windows) - Compatible on Windows 8 or Windows 10, Version 1607 (build 14393)
ProPresenter6-PC build 6162 Last update: Oct 30, 2018
ProPresenter6-PC build 6152 Last update: May 04, 2018
ProPresenter6-PC build 6140 Last update: Feb 28, 2018
ProPresenter6-PC build 6133 Last update: Dec 18, 2017
ProPresenter 5 (Windows) - Compatible up to Windows 10, Version 1607 (build 14394)
ProPresenter5-PC build 5267 Last update: Aug 18, 2015