Video Game Streaming with ProPresenter

Content Creation and Video Game Streaming has become more popular than ever, with video game streaming getting its own platform on social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, while sites such as Twitch continue to boom with Popularity.

Streaming to these sites can often be a tedious and expensive start, especially for those who have little to no production experience. Purchasing equipment, learning various software, signing up for subscriptions, are a few of the things streamers have to do in order to look professional and keep audience engagement.

If streamers choose not to pay for some of these luxuries then they have to worry about the pain and suffering using free software can have. Some of these issues include frame drops causing your stream to lag, the inability to edit your stream inside the software, random crashes, and more. These issues not only keep some creators from streaming their content, but also make it hard for the audience to stay engaged and connected.

ProPresenter makes it easy to stream for all users, from those who are just starting to those who are professional streamers in the Twitch community, ProPresenter has tools and functions that make streaming feel smooth and powerful.

Powerful Editing –
ProPresenter has a powerful editor that other Streaming Software such as OBS lack. With the ability to make beautiful presentations with tools such as gradient text fill, scrolling text, and more, you can make your stream look beautiful – all without ever having to download a third party plug-in.

Reliable RTMP Streaming –
ProPresenter has the ability to stream to any streaming platform that accepts streaming over RTMP. This is helpful when wanting to either stream directly to a platform such as Twitch or YouTube, or stream to multiple platforms using services such as

Power of Macros –
Macros inside of ProPresenter make it easy to launch multiple video inputs, adjust audio levels, start a music playlist, and more all in the launch of a slide. This can make it easier to streamline the process especially when creators and streamers only have a limited amount of time to stream.

Stream Deck Compatibility –
With many streamers owning a stream deck, ProPresenter’s Stream deck compatibility makes it a powerhouse in the streaming world. With the ability to add Macros and Props to your stream deck, you can trigger scenes, timers, and more in the click of a button, giving your stream a professional look and feel without having to stress about pushing a lot of buttons during stream.

Video Effects –
ProPresenter has a built in library of video effects that can add a layer of depth to your stream that other streaming softwares do not offer natively. Most streaming software requires you to download these types of effects such as color invert, color filters and more from third party software where ProPresenter can do it all natively, making it easier to set up for the streamer.

Multiple Video Inputs –
ProPresenter Allows you to receive as many video inputs as your computer can handle, including capture card feeds, camera feeds, NDI feeds, and more. ProPresenter also gives creators the ability to add effects to their video feeds, giving their streams a unique look and feel that you won’t be able to find in other streaming softwares.

ProPresenter is a simple yet powerful tool that makes it easy to stream content and keep your audience engaged, all with the clicks of a few buttons.

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