ProPresenter 7.7

More Flexibility with your Setup

With the launch of ProPresenter 7.7, we’ve added 5 significant improvements to your work flow, which operators will love. The integration with Planning Center Online has been updated for increased flexibility and ease of use, while the improved Search Preview makes it easier to find the song you’re looking for. Maintaining text attributes will be particularly beneficial for users with multiple outputs or lower thirds, and custom clear groups will be a welcome addition for anyone taking advantage of ProPresenters options around routing different layers to different outputs. Lastly, the newly released custom key mapping will be particularly appreciated by users who want to operate as fast as possible.

Collaborate Better with Planning Center

Create place holders in playlists for future presentation documents, view attachments within a plan, hide extra plan items, add your own presentations, upload documents to a plan, and more.

Quickly Preview Search Results

ProPresenter’s local library search now includes a preview of your text and content. Switch between text or thumbnail view to see exactly which presentation you’re looking for.

Maintain Text Attributes Across Outputs

Special attributes, like bold and underline, as well as object or text builds, now stay maintained as intended when applied with a theme or used in an alternate theme.

Create Custom Clear Groups

Custom Clear Groups allow you to clear as many or few layers as you’d like. Your volunteer and staff operators now have control over which group of layers they are clearing.

Map Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Key Mappings let you add keyboard shortcuts for accessing your favorite features. Designate key combinations to access different Props, Macros, menu items, and more.

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