Production & Renewed Vision App Users, You’ve Made It // 2021

Well… you’ve made it.

Welcome to 2021!

This past year was full of ups and downs. To make things worse, the end of the year was one of the busiest times for many production and tech people. But you’ve made it.

Yes… through pandemics, shutdowns, being overworked, probably underpaid, navigating politics, making time for family, and finishing strong through the holidays. You’ve made it.

2020 was a year to remember.

Sure, you made it THROUGH the year. But… you’ve also made it the year of improvements. You made it by working the hardest you’ve ever worked. You’ve made it the year of caring for organizations outside of your own. You’ve made it the year of personal growth. You’ve made it the year of “family first”. You’ve made it.

You made the year better.

Today we thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made over the past year. You may not get the acknowledgment you deserve from those closest to you. But we know and we’ve seen all of the hard work, the learning, and the care for others that you’ve shown. So thank you. Thank you for stepping up. Thank you for making 2020 be a year for growth. Thank you for caring and for putting others first when it would have been so easy not to.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of the Renewed Vision community. At one time we were a small Presentation company, thanks to you, we’ve grown into a collection of multiple apps to support people from all walks of the production life, learning from each other, seeing what others are accomplishing, and truly caring for the greater good of everyone together.

Learn from 2020. Keep growing, keep encouraging, and keep helping others. We appreciate you, we love the community that you’ve built, and we are even more excited than ever before to help you tell the stories that change the world.

Cody Patterson

Cody Patterson is the Marketing Director at Renewed Vision. He has a passion for connecting organizations to their people through relationships, technology, and marketing.

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