Our Community’s Favorite Tips for ProPresenter

Looking for some tips for finding your way around ProPresenter? We asked the users in our Facebook Group and they came up with some of the best tips for using ProPresenter!

1. Reflow

Reflow is one of the best ways to speed up your song editing in ProPresenter. This video shows how to do this in ProPresenter 6, but also operates very similarly in ProPresenter 7!

2. Option + Enter (Mac) Ctrl + Enter (Windows)

Option Enter has long been a hidden gem by ProPresenter users! Instead of clicking “Insider Slide Break” just put your cursor infront of the line of text that you want to break into a new slide. Then click Option + Enter on Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows. This breaks your lines of text into two different slides.

3. Arrangements

One person said “Arrangements save lives”. Well, they may not save lives, but they sure do make setting up slides easier! Arrangements let you choose the order of your songs based on markers like “chorus” or “verse”. You can choose the order of your song by setting up it’s arrangement with ease, you can even setup multiple arrangements. Does the student ministry make use of your ProPresenter computer? Well they can create their own arrangement!

4. Themes (Templates)

In ProPresenter 7 themes let you create recallable visuals for automatically formatting your songs, scripture, speeches, etc. In previous versions of ProPresenter we called this templates, but with all of the new features of 7 we needed a new name! Just create a theme, and then apply it to any song, slide, or document to quickly transform it.

5. Hotkeys

Hotkey are one of those things where, once you try it, you don’t go back. Hotkeys allow you to quickly jump to different sections of a document. Let’s say your worship leader decides to go back to a chorus at the end of your song but it wasn’t planned out… just click the hotkey associated with chorus to jump back to your chorus! The hotkeys are shown in the corner of the correlated group of slides.

Cody Patterson

Cody Patterson is the Marketing Director at Renewed Vision. He has a passion for connecting organizations to their people through relationships, technology, and marketing.

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