Nissan Pao Car

Environmental Projection With PVP3: Nissan Pao

Environmental projection can be used for so many unique productions. We’ve seen businesses, churches, & schools use the projection mapping capabilities of PVP3 to provide creative and engaging environments.

Today we are showing off a creative example of what the team from Lightware Labs and Visual Worshiper were able to accomplish using PVP3 and 2 projectors. If you are wondering what enviromental projection can do for your productions and events, check out this video:

Cool Features:

  • The headlights blink “on” beacuse of the projection
  • Lightware Labs animated the wheels to spin and the road to match
  • All of the other media involved is stock media or part of Lightware Lab’s library

The Details:

  • 7x Projectors
  • 2x TripleHead2Go
  • 1 Single Projector Ouput
  • 1 Mac Pro Tower
  • PVP3

Social Media:

Want to see more? Follow Lightware Labs, Visual Worshiper, and their creators below:
Lightware Labs
Visual Worshiper
Camron Ware
Courtney Ware

You can also follow their cool little car:
Pablo The Car

Lastly, shout out to the team that provided the space to test the projection:
Red Productions

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