Choosing Your Live Streaming Provider

Facebook, Resi, Boxcast,, Youtube. Each of these have something in common: they all operate as a Streaming Solution. Every person and organization that decides to live stream inevitably has to decide who they want to use as their live streaming provider. So many variables to be considered before making a decision! For example, maybe you simply need a free option, or maybe you need to stream to multiple destinations at once. Maybe having analytics on your audiences is important, or the reliability of the quality of the stream is the most important.

Your streaming solution determines the quality of your stream, and the length of time people will spend watching. In turn, choosing the right streaming solution can lead to increased revenue and increased engagement from your audience.

Let’s compare some options for streaming solutions.

Stream Directly to Social Media

Streaming directly to your favorite social channel is going to be the least expensive option. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, the list can go on for a long time… these can be where people watch your service live, and watch the archives months later. Streaming to any of these platforms enables you to reach a broader audience, with relatively little expense on your end for infrastructure or distribution. The downfalls of streaming straight to social media can present some challenges though. There is generally a lack of true analytics about who is watching your stream. Not only that, you are relying on that platform’s servers which are known to have issues, lacking quality and resiliency if your network experiences issues.

Use a Traditional Restream Service

Restream services take the feed from your live streaming hardware or software and send them out to multiple destinations simultaneously. The great thing about restream services is they usually provide some analytics your team can use, and you can stream to multiple destinations without having to add additional endpoints in your streaming hardware/software. It offloads the multicasting to a lightweight restreaming service, so streaming hardware doesn’t strain to encode to different destinations, and network bandwidth is only needed for a single stream. Some popular restreaming services include and However, traditional restreaming services don’t re-encode your stream to optimal quality for different destinations or offer any improvement in quality or resiliency to your live stream.

Be Empowered by Resilient Streaming

Ultimately, the best solution is the solution that provides you the best experience for everyone involved: from your viewers, to your operators, and even those in leadership. That solution is Resi.

For your viewers, Resi provides the best experience to your viewers because your broadcast is going to stream to them without buffering, frame-drops, and glitches. All while being viewable on the destinations that your viewers are gathering. This is only possible thanks to a unique protocol. Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP).

Resi benefits your operators by allowing them to automate and schedule streams, sim-lives, and more. Instead of timing your mouse to hit “go live” at a specific time, Resi can automatically go live at the scheduled time for you to the predetermined destinations you’ve selected, like Facebook, YouTube, or even embedded on your organization’s website.

Resi’s gives you in-depth and real-time analytics. This grants leadership teams the insights they need to help determine what is and isn’t working, that way you can spend less time on things that don’t engage your audience, and more time making a difference where it matters.

Right now, if you sign up for Resi’s ProPresenter streaming service you can earn up to $150 to spend on Amazon. Take your streams to the next level, but hurry this promotional offer ends 6/30.

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