5 Free Creative Lower Third Themes to Make Your Live Stream Uniquely Stand Out

Don’t let your live stream or IMAG lower thirds lag behind. Here are some of the best font and design combinations out there right now for lower thirds text.

1. Left Aligned Gradient

Photo Credit: Veronic Wadas at Mercy City Church
Font: Impact

2. Offset Shape & Text.

Photo Credit: Nathan Mullet at Bayside Church
Font: Gobold Bold Italic

3. Rounded Corners

Photo Credit: Alex Yasser at Latitude Church
Font: Supernova

4. Clean & Authentic

Photo Credit: Randy Mullet at Bayside Church
Font: Inkfree

5. Line Fill

Photo Credit: Jake Driggers at Church on the Rock
Font: League Sparton Bold

Would you rather download all the themes at one time? Click the button below to download a ProPresenter Theme bundle.

Cody Patterson

Cody Patterson is the Marketing Director at Renewed Vision. He has a passion for connecting organizations to their people through relationships, technology, and marketing.

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