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ProPresenter Remote

Exclusively for use with Renewed Vision's award winning ProPresenter presentation software (REQUIRED), the ProPresenter remote is the ideal companion for controlling or observing any running ProPresenter application on your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

  • Observe Mode: Allows for users to browse through presentations without affecting what is actually being presented to an audience (useful for band members who want to review song lyrics)
  • Control Mode: Adds the ability to click on specific slides to make them live, play and pause song-sequence presentations, go forward or back in the currently selected presentation, and clear the presentation of backgrounds/foregrounds/audio.
NOTE: The "clear" methods of the remote are only available when logged in as a Controller and are shown when the phone is shaken.

ProPresenter Remote

Download for Android

Android Remote works with Propresenter 6 only!