DualHead2Go Digital ME

The DualHead2Go ME is a powerful way to display content across multiple DVI screens. When plugged in, your computer thinks it's connected to a really wide display so it sends the display a wide image. The DualHead2Go then takes that wide image and splits it into two pieces. With the Multiscreen Module for ProPresenter, content can be managed across each of these screens. There are 3 different versions of the DualHead2Go. Find out the one that is right for you by going here.
The Digital ME is the best option for machines that only have a mini-DisplayPort output, including laptops and iMacs when you ONLY want to go to DVI-D. This unit features full-size displayport input and full size DVI outputs and includes the cable to go from the mini Displayport of your mac to the box. Be aware, the DVI outputs are DIGITAL ONLY so you cannot use DVI to VGA adaptors.